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SITEK 气流阀 SMTR12N-1/4-65德国原装进口
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SITEK 气流阀 SMTR12N-1/4-65德国原装进口

  The discovery of the lateral photo effect by Prof. J.T Wallmark and the development of the Position Sensing Detectors (PSD) during the sixties led to the foundation of SiTek Laboratories AB in 1976, with the aim of exploring commercial applications for the technology. Foundation took place at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and in the beginning production was carried out by the founders working part time at the university's Institute of Solid State Electronics.


A standard Two-dimensional PSD with 4-pin ceramic package, 25,0 x 25,0 mm

Today, more than 25 years later and in a constantly expanding market, SiTek has gained a worldwide reputation as a constantly developing manufacturer of advanced PSDs. Outstanding linearity, high resolution, high speed and excellent product quality are the main features of the SiTek products, valued indeed by top-range optronics customers.

Important year in the history of SiTek was 1984. The founding company was bought by an investment group and moved to modern facilities in Partille - a suburb to Gothenburg - where a new cleanroom, together with all other necessary equipment for production and development of PSDs was based.


The second half of the eighties was, however, a difficult time, since the market was not yet ready for utilization of the products. It was found that the venture needed considerably more marketing, customer training, support and collaboration than had been thought. Rapidly, two changes of ownership took place, while technical development and close cooperation with loyal customers went on untiringly.

The beginning of the nineties brought a stabilization of activities, at the same time the market began to discover the abilities of the PSDs. A fast expansion, 30% in 1995 and 1996, occurred after the new profile and the revised name SiTek Electro Optics was introduced 1993.
However, the most important task at that period was the launch of a number of new PSDs, with highly improved performance in hardly all criteria's. Of those listed below, the most adequate is the NT-PSDs, introduced 1995, with patented stray light elimination.

- PSD with enhanced capabilities to handle high light intensities
- Design software
- Position measurement electronics
- Enhanced capabilities of customized design

Now the century has turned to a new, demand for constantly improved components are growing fast and SiTek PSDs turns out to be of good value for the optronics application producers. Looking back to another 30% raise of both production volume and profit in 1998, we are proud of being awarded Optronic Company of the Year 1999 by the Swedish Optronics Association SWEDOPTRONICS.
We believe that our intense research and development, the improved capabilities of providing customised design PSDs means valuable benefits for our customers in their competitive markets.
Whenever you work on measurement of position, distance or motion, don't hesitate to 

优势供应TECNA点焊枪,IPD电源,IM400绝缘监测装置,GHISALBA接触器,CIRCLE SEAL安全阀等欧美配件。您的信任是我们前进的动力,您的询价就是我们合作的开始,
R.STAHL    TYPE: 8510/141-03-11-030           
SELCO    T3200.0010    "SELCO -T3200.0010  Double Insulation Monitoring Relay Visual indication of
power, pick-up and relay tripping on both relays 230 Volt"
MS-GRAESSNER      D090 6,00:1 1LSV V2  22090A200007    
 Vishay     PHMKPG 660.3.22.90 0.69kV 22.7kva    
Nordson      H58050011113009     Nordson 772050 H58050011113009
SAMSON     3730-2 7bar/105psi Ex Ⅱc T5 80℃ IP66 4-20mmA    
HYDAC    6037367/7124/B5  380V 50Hz 0.37KW    "立式:4孔 法兰直径16cm
GUHRING    GM300 D32*55    
harting    9140022653    
HARTING    09 20 003 2711       "Harting -9200032711
Hydrokomp    KMP-460-5-K015    Hydrokomp KMP-460-5-K015
SPECK    "V30-55.0004
"    Roth V-30-55.0004  (26024)  
Novotechnik    LWH-0360  P/N 024314,B/N 143589,Typ.KLW 360.012,Nr.258032    "Novotechnik LWH-0360
CEMB     TR-26/1/0/0    
VISHAY    PE30C4.7kΩ    
ELTRA    EX80A600S5/28P10X3PR 7M YA130244/3 5—30VDC      EX80A600S5/28P10X3PR ?(电缆1.5米)?
ALSTOM    Mat.-Nr.029.228500    
WEIDMULLER    PRO ECO3 480W 24V 20A,Order No.:1469550000    Weidmuller 1469550000 PRO ECO3 480W 24V 20A
cembre    PKE 1508*    
ceme    8324vn011sce2    
Phoenix    USLKG 6N    
ASCO    SCxE238A007    
AEG    ME09H132W32+MPRO20    
LOVE    CONTROLS   IP03434-M09W    温控器   带华氏度 摄氏度
NORELEM      03153-20020    "Norelem03153-20020
COSMOTEC    CVO2000242Z000 7035 Outdoor Cooling Unit 2000W OLD: EVE2000260Z003 7035    
 ULTRA SLIMPAK     G468    
SAMSON    3241-1   EN-JL1040  DN40  PN16    
Funke&Huste    AW1A-Nr.21162107D-45478müheim230VAC/50Hz/0.055A-IP551    
MINI MOTOR    "MC230P3T,RATIO:15 NM,POWER:63W,1400RPM,230/ 400V,3PHAS
KAPSTO    GPN600  B  790    
siemens    7MH75601AA01  ST6853     Siemens 7MH7560-1AA01
RITAG    2BX9162-5K200     "Ritag -9800001710   PS 1,5 bar   ZRK 1/MEC DN200 PN10/16   29 mm
chalmit Lighting     SEVO1-0022 STREE LIGHT-TANK AERA    "Chalmit SEVO1-0022
REXTOTH    710-00-03-Y-S-25    (24DC-常闭)
VERSA    BSP-3308-316     "Versa Valves BSP-3308-316
MOOG    CS-RT761-004     
HYTOS      X-0,63L.17017    Argo Hytos X-0,63L.17017
RESATRON    RSP02- 58 13+12-3-B-W1-DS    
CLIFFORD&SNELL        YL5 N50 A 230VAC    204627  YL50/N50/A/RF/WR  
Moeller    PLS6-C6-DC    
Lenze      E82EV302K4C 3KW    
WALDMANN    MR16 SPOT 24V 23W KL    
roth&rau     C14 200 45 200 57 104 MANN    
MAFAG    SZ-GL 160/80-250 DHH  NR.:120779  ORDER:119121    液压缸  Mafag SZ-GL 160/80-250 DHh 120779 | 2109-160-000
GSEE      EK4-5M/P00    
KAPSTO    11150532    N62    旋转头
magtrol    CPB-25    配电源
FLENDER      N-EUPEXB125    弹性联轴器
HYDAC    G1/4 300bar 00680606     测压软管
Honeywell       14CE18-6AH     
Bondioli & Pavesi    HPLPA211DMNG4G4B00    
VALCO    TRM300-090-715NO-20     
HS-COOLER    filter element for KK10-BCV-423 L328     里面的滤芯 ;HS-Cooler KK10-BCV-423 L328
 PNEUMATROL      C1518PDSOHA     ":Pneumatrol RGC1518PDS0HA   C1518PDS0HA
- 1/4"" BSP, Namur Mount 3/2,5/2
Internally Piloted Spring Return
- Cat 2 : 3 GD: EExd IIC T6 :
stainless steel housed M20 conduit
- 24V DC 1.3W
- Screw Driver Override
- Black Anod Alu
baumer    FZDK 26R7101     
DYNAPAR    HD202005002X001         编码器
ROSS    02756A8011    Ross Europa D2756A8011 G1-1/2PL 4/2-Way-Valve
GAST    6AM-NRV-22A    VGAST    6AM-NRV-22A
Masoneilan     SVI2-21113121    
NORD  DRIVESYSTEMS     SK71L/2   50/60HZ   230/400V    
PARKER    PXB-B2921    
COFI     TRL24-30PC    COFI TRL24-30PC
Masoneilan    78-80S?    气路分配器?
AR    SHP15.50N     SHP15.50N?WATER?PUMP
automatic valve corporation USA    U1406GBBR-DBEN  specs: Ser.77937, Pr 150 Psig    
VISHAY    EMKP 2250-0.47       
MORGAN REKOFA     F5306C    "Morgan Rekofa F 5306 C
Lovato    G272    
ASM      WS31-500-10-IE24LI-1    "ASM WS31-500-10-IE24LI-1   (A115714)
HERZOG    8-5601-335857-9    
FESTO    DGE-40-2434-ZR-RF-LB-RK-GK    
misumi-ec    UJR-6.35G-NI     
ATOS    DHA0631/2    
VALVAUT    ART.F4A BR D.A. DN80 Z441400    VALVAUT Z441400
EUCHNER    HM11DAC 1000AK    
WAGNER+GRIMMAG      EE2800    "Wagner + Grimm EE2800 60769 3BHB015647R0001   UJ168b/92 1ph 110-500; TRANSFORMER
leroy somer    MA000 4RO_200V 50-60hz     
GEFRAN      ME2-6-M-B01M-1-4-D  2130X000X00  F007766    "Gefran F007766
BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON    503422100  13091249    "Bonfiglioli Vectron - ACT 401-23 A BG4    SIACT523000001
R.STAHL    TYPE:8510/111-09-S05     
PARKER      PH-SH-MB-06079-B0-0-SH     
VOLXMANN    G1260    
KCI    KAE-400    
 Camozzi     60M2L100A0560    
KAISER    FCPA 160MA-2    
bals     NH000/21mm Si-insert 50A  9387    
SEAS    SEAS MC50-902F    SEAS MC50-902F
ELCO    C12.3-2    一端公头一端散线 2m 三线
CAREL    PJRIWOTT2K  SN:C648016    
KAMAT    1010280|55mm    所属机型:K35055M
Raytek    MM1MHSF2L    
TUENKERS    T12   (V50.1  Z)         传感器  
Sterling fluid systems    BGMHJ92N/45-G1    ZLND125 315  泵上面的
Wachendorff    WDG80H-20-1000-AB-G24-SQ-ABD     
WATTEREDGE    P/N WU18578   P/N:WX33300     真空短路模块VCM(含所有安装附件)
CEAG    GHG4118100R0002    
Phoenix    FBS 10-5    
abuscranes    GM2 250.8-1F4      "Abus Kransysteme GM 2 250.8-1
ELCO       MOD.SSR01A-2240    ELCO SSR01A-2240 (600068)
Danfoss    MCD5-0068B-T5-G1X-20-CV2    danfoss MCD5 0068 B T5 G1 20 CV2 175G5529
AEG    ASR-25A/3    
PIEPER GMBH    FK-CF-1024-2-IQ-RI, Kom.Nr.11-C-2650S Ger.Nr. S/N3PH521165    相机
CRIOFARMA    89/2791    
Seaward    PT250     手持式PAT安规测试仪
GALTECH    1SPA6.3D-10GG0  IF0002 B  3*400V/50HZ    
SKF    6202-2Z    INA 6202-2Z
PDQ    P133B       
ROTARY     A/C BBALL BEARING 4*12*4    轴承
 CONTRINEX     CXG58B-120-BN-Z05-M2     编码器
cembre    MG2-TDMO-03 40590    
thies     4.3219.00.761    风速仪 thies  4.3519.00.761  
SICK    CLV610-C0000    "Sick -1057125 CLV610-C0000       CODEREADER
burster    9243-ABG    
 Camozzi     40M2L160F0650S01    
HERZOG    8-5535-311918-7      
Metrix     5550-321-310    Metrix 5550-321-310
thermik    S01.130.05.0300    thermik A130-S01.130.05.0300-OV
klaus potter     LM96-16.2 mit Varistor Umax=250V Imax=2A    Potter, Klaus 902301616 LM 96-16.2 5mm für 230V AC
keller      PA-23      "Keller Druck 222305.0135   PA-23 / 400bar / 8465.1
EPRO    PR9376/010-011    
WIKA       12811149   0012613GVT     Wika 12811149
SEIM    PXFE083-#3-A-R-0-R2-00-X01-X02-00    Seim PXFE 083 # 3A R0 R2 00 X01 X02 00
ASM    PTAM2-1-15-U2-CW-T0.1-M12R5(Ser.NR:PT1423006894)    
Vickers    DG4V-3-2N-110V    
moeller     DHL400    
 Schneider     "LV429248 Note:
 Material is the kind of aluminium?
SMW    16952    
THERMO     ER3612 SP8293/SP8294    
Nederman    12373705  machinery stand, including damper    Nederman 12373705
ASM    CLMD1-AJ3SS8P021250,DC24V    
BOLLRATH    FPS-16/A02    
ELTRA    EA50A8B8/28P6S3PR.698    Eltra EMA50A8B11/30P6S3PR.592
EBNER    EBNER1415211    
ATOS     SP-ZH-7P/24VDC/7     比例阀插头   插头接4米电缆
danfoss    2B15KQE 2800XP    压缩机
STORZ    CBB-25    Storz CBB-25
SETRA    STC1SD11MR220MN    
microsonic    ?zws-15/be/man?1.2b?    
ABB     AX411/5000C    电导二次表
TROMBETTA    P613-A52V12    
BERTHOLD     LB147    手脚通用以脚为标准
dutchi motors    DMA132M4 7.5KW 220V     含刹车装置  
GEMU    610 15D78205211/NoAE05    Gemu 610 15D78205211/ NO
WITTUR    DSM4-05.1-201.N6-47A    wittur DSM405120IN647A
avdel      74290-03000     
EBE    ??BGE?25-E?m.T    2104853-000005    EBE 2104853 BGE 25-24-T-17-A cable L=400-S   2104853 BGE 25-24-T-17-A Cabel L=400-S Encoder with Cabel
ROSS    D460K91    "Ross Controls D460K91 G1/4""
GSEE    EK4 Z4-3M/GSC/T531    
GHM-HONSBERG    UM3K-015GM070-11,temp:-20~+110℃;PN25,11771459,24VDC,5A    "GHM UM3K-015GM070-11
ASCO    joucomATIC 54292023    
MESSKO    MT-ST160W/TT    
MILS      3.56832+3.56833+3.56834    泵的型号EVISA  E100 HV
HUBNER     FSE+SK320F    
ENGELHARD      DP912LH10D02    
TURCK    NI15-M30T-RZ3X    
Motovario    HV4.022 M3-5  B-1000G-1-V01.4    
GE    IC754VSI06STD-KH    
SED     00210.487.540 EPDM     隔膜片
BONETTI    AZM00017/ALB NSB1240    
Isoloc     " UMS8-ASF/40(pat.)
"    isoloc UMS18-ASF/40 (pat.)
Industrie-Technik    DB10MI    
ELCO    C12.3-5    一端公头一端散线 5m 三线
CEAG    GHG4118100R0002    
UNIMEC      screw jack  tp 407B  1/10  13/1206    UNIMEC SCREW JACK 407 Ratio 1/10   Serial number 13/1207
 MEDER    HE24-2A83-BV529     "Meder Electronics HE24-2A83-BV529
LOCAL    FNX-H200VDC-10UF    
keller      PA-23      
BETA  SWITCH     C3-D304L-S1X-S1-K1-J-XZ  2.2-18KPA    
VERLINDE    VT0000218    配用电机序列号:NR1281460
SODI    PD64B-200  PVC   200L/H  7Bar    
DIXELL    XR75CX    DIXELL X0LG3HBQB500-S00 XR75CX -5N6C0 NTC 3R=8 A+5A+REP 230V
 Camozzi     60M2L063A0750    
GE    GE 486 generator management relay    
Flowserve    S085 S07-S01    
SCHUNK    SZKA268    schunk 0139165 SZKA 268
BERGER LAHR     RSM-828/3-B-FK     
Parker Pneutronics     910-000044-038    
BURKERT    553020    
tippkemper       ILD-210-SIR-OP     "Tippkemper ILD-210-SIR-OP
Ortlinghaus    100092197 04-10    
SIEMENS    10000092.02    
SKF    6206 2RZC3    SKF 6206?2RS1/C3
 Optel    60tops/tr for Alternator or iStars speed: MR 60 200 00    
KAPSTO    GPN700  M12    
VICKERS        F3 RG 06 D3 30    压力控制阀
MIL'S    EVISA  E100-  HV  110050111    
JAQUET     FTG1088.00 EX    转速传感器 Jaquet DSD 1005.00 KTV Ex ATEX Speed Sensor OLD: FTG 1088.00 Ex  
KACO    74132399 Oring QHLP40.00X 50.00 NBR B50    密封圈
VSE      VSI2/10  S07  12V  32W15/4  10....28VDC  19031      
CONTRINEX     PTK-5555-320-20-E    
WESTELETTRIC    123555010L-LOR/220VAC/18W    Westelettric 123555010L-LOR/220VAC/18W
harting    9140123101    
AMEPA    MCU-100  LOP-05-F3    内31#通道板
KBR    KBR-C-33.4-480-3P    
flojet    ND P25/2 PT113951   220-240V 1PH 50/60HZ 0.42A 57W    
elobau      151uns02a2    elobau 151UNS02A2  
GEAG    GHG 731 (MALUX  GHG 731168 R0171)    
Trizact     3M  272LA  TRIZACT  FILM    研磨带
TURCK    RT040-14-LI3-H1131    
BUSCH    0613128743  T575/0/116    
OMFB     PM50     
Honeywell    PTSRB0401A2(0-4MPA)     
"    "310.010.000.642.000
SERVOTECNICA      KH56QM2-961    
Parker    AR_04SE    
GEFRAN    CON011    Gefran CON011 CONNETT. C091A T 3361 001 FE COMP L.
DFT    NPT 750CWP.SCV836  A351 CF8M    
SIRCAL     MP-2000  220-240V /100-120V    50-60Hz  17 bar    Furnace temperature:   680°C    
KNF     TYPE:M43EXTYPE:PM22616     CO检测变抽气泵(含电机和配套附件) 终客户:邯钢
MICRON    G005K1PG1A07    
UE    J120-172 500psi 2-50psi    压力开关
redlion     zfh0500d-WF-1000-OR     
winergy     peab 4435    
 Brooks    254    
KRACHT    KF 3/112 F 10 B P007DP2 + DKF 3D16    
ZANDER     FS5  0.3μ 3300Nl/mn G1    空气过滤器
pentronic    5521560-001 15360633    传感器 Pentronic 5521560-001 T/E TYP K
EPRO    PR6423/010-040  (CON021 )     前置器型号:CON021  
RELPOL    R4 2014-23-1024WTDL-24V    "Relpol R4N2014231024WTLD
CPC    PLCD?22006    快速接头插咀
SIEMENS    RT18-16/32    
Bauer      D-37269 ITD40 A4 Y109    
SIWELL    AVDE 0113 4T BA2K2 90KW    
ROQUET    TG1BR2018L10    
AEG    UPS:Protect 8.33;384V;10KVA;    
BOSCH Filter    0 450 905 021      
schonbuch    IOCT1214     
SAUER    11094003    
ZAMBELLO     ZP2/140/A    
muller    SW4010  400 /5A  5*50      
SIEMENS      11-05-500092-1   P/No  A5E02083152    siemens A5E02083152 SPARE PART!
Penny+Giles    JC150-Y-S-/-A20D-STN-FLD2    
HARTING    FERRULE, ?90405-512 , 32      "Walther Praezision 14626   90405-512-23   

 SITEK 气流阀 SMTR12N-1/4-65德国原装进口


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