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BELLMERBellmer is an international high-class technology supplier with two divisions: Paper Technology focused on paper & board machines and Separation Technology for water and sludge treatment.
Our family-owned company, founded 1842 in Germany,  is worldwide installing high-class equipment in more than 60 industries as well as in municipal sludge treatment plants. Qualification and motivation is the key to success: At any time, our experts support you on site with service, concepts, and equipment. We optimize your operation worldwide together with our international team. We are prepared to be your personal and flexible partner, your care-taker contributing to your corporate success with innovative solutions Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Germany and Finland systems and upgrades for paper and board machines. We install complete production lines as well as single products from our TurboLine for perfect production of paper, board or specialty fiber products.In our second business sector separation technology we focus on perfect separation of liquids and solids. Our products clean water, filter almost any liquid, press sludges to highest dryness or produce best quality food juiceGAPCON历史是从Carl Bellmer先生于1842年在尼芬收购的一家造纸厂开始的,通过大胆的创新,坚持不懈地努力和团队精神,以及所有员工的专业知识,今天奔马公司已经成为两大领域的专业设备生产厂商:造纸工艺和分离技术。为了浓缩脱水各种悬浮物的来自环境保护领域的用户,以及造纸和食品工业的用户已经受益于我们的经验和技术超过165年。奔马从1842年开始就致力于为的纸浆和造纸工业服务。BELLMER GAPCON差动压力调节器名称/标题差压调节器1:1,62完全组装/回顾比率1:1,62,具有环形的由弹性材料制成的节流体,它在自身与调节星轮之间限定在流过的流体的压力下变化的控制间崇,其中保持在丝杠上的调节星轮在其外周上带有在纵向上变化的调节轮廓部并且在纵向上可移动地被导引,使得丝杆的旋转运动能转换成调节星轮的纵向运动以便通过调节星轮与节流体的相对位置的变化来改变控制间隙。

ogether with you, Bellmer advises, plans and designs plants or modernization projects for the pulp and paper industry. Paper Technology stands for innovative and efficient solutions for your paper production. From the approach flow via the wire section, press part and drying section up to the pope reel, complete paper machines can be supplied ready to use.

Paper & Board Machines

Bellmer offers all sorts of complete paper machines and board machines for the production of mass papers, specialty papers, packaging grades or board. The Bellmer team designs, manufactures, installs and optimizes complete machines and production lines for you. Greenfield installation, as well as expansion on existing paper mills, are a delight for our engineers and specialists. You can expect much more than just standard solutions. We are always prepared to create a customized design together with you and your team. Our constantly further-developed products of the TurboLine offer the full range of high-class products to combine to high performance and best quality papers.
The more specific your machine has to be, the more you will feel our enthusiasm in finding the ideal solution just for you.
Based on our experience, we develop machine building solutions with integrated control technology. They are implemented in a turnkey way and commissioned & started up by Bellmer specialists.
No matter, if it is fine paper or packaging paper or anything else, for Bellmer your needs are the top priority!

In addition to a joint optimization phase, we offer our 24h service through 365 days a year as a standard feature for our customers




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